Love "The captain"

He's the first on the floor

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Our Disco Ladies (and men) LOVE to dance

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1977 was a wondrous year.

*The tigers were Revin in 77 (Yes, this was the banner on Punt Road)

*The first commodore computer is sold,

* INXS begin a long and now reality based TV career, (But first hit not till 1980)

*The Concorde starts regular flights,

*And the cleavagedownunder crew, wait for days outside 3XY to “secure” tickets for the Music Bowl sell out concert. You can actually see us with PM Fraser with our long awaited ticket prize. (Well maybe us, could be look-a-likes!)

But while we all “Waterloo till we puked”, around the Bowl and the Town Hall, and in Southern Suburbs Fredy, Foxy and Captain all had imaginary Abba fan clubs (come on you did too!) another band were “ tearing the airwaves across Australia.

“He was the first on the floor”

Disco Lady

By Dark Tan

Countdown version here!  How groovy!

Yes, This Australian band (I always assumed until I researched it, that they were British) under the lead of Alston Koch, blasted into the “Disco era” with this catchy ditty. For me however, thanks to the “De-generation” I was “converted” in 1987 with my room mate while staying in Glen Waverley. (Thanks Tony Martin and Tom Gleisner)

Tonight he is late, he's had all he can take (and so have we!)

Sri Lankan born Alston Koch, maker and lead began his professional career in Australia with DARK TAN in 1975. This disco number was a “home grown” hit and has pride of place on my K-Tel Hits of 77 album.

It is not the funky sounds, the electric piano, the continual Da de dah de de dah, over and over again, the bright shirts, or even the WTF lyrics.

OK, OK,  it is the lyrics, Like this

....She is ready at 8, always first through the gate.......


Did she live at Pentridge or some other prison? Never quite got the lyrics. However, inspired by the D-generation (Still on Eon-FM then in the late 80’s) I found you could add or mix this song to the end of a huge number of pop hits of the 70’s and 80’s.

In fact, as part of this review, Betty, Foxy and Freddie have now agreed we will make this the official “fill in” number for the band. Yes, Captain Fancypants mixed Disco Lady to the end of many tracks, to the horror of his mates, family and then girlfriends, but it actually fitted into any song that had a pregnant pause in it. Remember, “Disco Lady Loves to dance” Try it at home! Let me know how you go. Once I get more talented, I will add the sound bits to here. Thanks to Hector and Freddie Uranus for reminding (and still being mates with) me!

But while Disco lady knew the tunes, and the moves, and the band and blues, where did it go. Alton went onto another hit, “Lady” (Dont forget “Gimme that Banana!) and then caught the 80’s crap pop disease and made a few dance tracks that looked like every other dance track at the time. Click below for the 6 minute summary of how Alton and “Dark Tan” rocked across three, woops, four decades. How would I describe him: a cross between Barry White and a salesman. But he really has a good sound none the less. I chose to embed this one, as it is not to be missed! All the DT “highlights”

Go Dark Tan, Go!

Again, the research pays off, the film clip at Altons “Youtube” site has him singing Disco Lady on Ms Marilyn’s Morning show (which is the only footage I can find of the song and the Morning show!) and, that Alston is usually a Melbourne boy (living not far from Captain and Foxy!)  He however played in the Asia “Live Aid” after the Tsunami’s of a few years back. The Ray Martin Show, Steve Vizard, The “America’s cup” comp, was there no stopping him!  Here (since this was originally written, is Alstons site (Click here) , of which I would like the skills to put together - good site

NEW OCT 10; thanks to Gruntrat over at "trashed by time", and his mate Mark, a 2009 link to a interview with Alston HERE which is a great read on what he has actually done for OZ and overseas music  (He opened for Abba!)

Or to make it easy, click HERE and listen/ review the album "After Dark...Tan" which includes Disco Lady and treats such as "Gimme that banana"  Thanks Gruntrat!

They LOVE the band, they  knows the moves (official CDU Fan club stalkers groupies)

However, The follow up to Dark Tans Disco Lady, including “Bossanova Lady Baby Maybe”, “Tap dance Nana”, and the 12″ “Spumante for two boogie” failed to chart, and Dark Tan finished up like a crushed egg flip Big M, on the Showgrounds floor of


With thanks to Alston KOCH’s home page site and youtube and his career and all the hard work that people put into Youtube.  (and allowing the D-gen to use the song back in the 80's it kept us as fans to this day!)

WORDS as usual:

AGAIN: all credit to the original artists and writers, they made cleavagedownunder what it is today

PS there are no Lyrics inks to this - Maybe for a good reason

So only one verse today from “my memory”!

“Disco lady - Dark Tan”

She is first on the floor always asking for more

She rolls in at 8, always out through the gate

Disco lady loves to dance

Disco lady loves romance

she knows the cues, she knows the tunes

she loves the band she loves the blues